Avoiding Fake Doms, Alphas and Incels When Dating

The contemporary dating landscape is a wondrous yet treacherous ecosystem, full of biodiversity including some hazardous creatures unsuited for harmonious pair bonding. In this article, we will shed light on three manipulative species – the Deceptive Dominus, Arroganticus Alpha, and Toxicus Incelibatus. Keep reading to learn more so you can begin avoiding fake doms, alphas and incels when dating

By understanding the distinguishing features and predatory mating behaviors of these creatures, enlightened singles can better navigate the jungle and avoid painful snares. Let’s explore how to spot these duplicitous organisms and foster healthier bonds.

The Deceptive Dominus – The Fake Dom

Deep in kink communities stalks a cunning predator – Dominus Falsus, or the fake dom. This conniving creature ensnares the unwary by pretending to be an experienced guide and tutor in BDSM wisdom.

Employing vocalizations about “growth” and “training”, the fake Dom grooms its naïve prey. It builds quick dependence through excessive touch, flattery and gift-giving.

– Love-bombing techniques create false sense of care

– Vocalizations promise mentorship and fulfillment

Once ensnared, the fake Dom reveals its selfish intentions through boundary violations and emotional cruelty. When the submissive objects, the fake Dom employs psychological punishments to overpower its target’s objections.

– Ignores negotiated safeties and consent

– Prioritizes own fulfillment over sub’s limits

– Uses gaslighting and guilt to regain control

This toxic cycle continues until the submissive is exhausted and trauma bonds take hold. However, clever subs can spot revealing mistakes that betray the fake Dom’s inexperience. Safeties are ignored, equipment misused.

– Fails to employ proper protocols and safety techniques

– Rigs bonds too tightly, handles implements dangerously

– Lacks empathy, aftercare is perfunctory or nonexistent

By contrast, an ethical dominant’s priority is the submissive’s physical and emotional well-being, relying on meaningful consent, trust, and care.

Arroganticus Alpha – The “Alpha Male”

The swaggering “alpha” male is consumed by an obsessive need for external validation, which fuels rigid dominance displays.

To assert his perceived primacy, this superficial creature employs vocal negation and criticism to undermine female confidence while tightly controlling conversations and intimacy pacing.

– Negging and one-upping keep partners on defense

– Sulking, anger or ignoring when challenged

When his ego is threatened, the fragile alpha responds with destructive tantrums and intimidation tactics. He views relationships through a lens of bitter competition rather than affectionate collaboration.

By accumulating superficial sexual conquests and status markers, the posturing alpha attempts to soothe his vast inner insecurities and desire for primacy. But true confidence arises from self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and mutual care.

– Fixation on money, status, competition and “wins”

– Objectifies partners as trophies proving virility

Toxicus Incelibatus – The Incel

In lonely digital enclaves dwells the involuntarily celibate or “incel” male. Shunned by females, the incel externally projects blame while retreating from the confidence-requiring light of social spaces.

– Habitat: Online forums, chat rooms, gaming sites

– Nocturnal lifestyle avoids intimidating daytime interactions

Over time, the incel’s frustration festers into a corrupted sense of entitlement to female affection. This spark of toxicity causes females to intuitively distance themselves, fueling the incel’s resentment and descent into extremism.

In extreme cases, the rabid incel may engage in sociopathic scheming and acts of violence to punish females for denying him affection. However, benign but awkward incels should be gently guided toward self-improvement and fulfillment beyond the craving for validation through physical intimacy.

Avoiding Fake Doms, Alphas and Incels When Dating

Venturing into the tangled dating jungle, one must beware of hazardous creatures masking predatory natures beneath colorful plumage and sweet song. The deceptive dominus (Fake Dom), arroganticus alpha (Alpha Male) and toxicus incelibus (The Incel) all employ crafty tricks to ensnare the unwitting in painful bonds.

By studying their deceitful tactics, we can spot their cunning early and avoid entanglement. Pay close attention when exploring new connections. The slightest sign of dishonesty, coercion or contempt may betray a hidden toxic nature. Follow your instincts, as your senses have evolved to detect unsafe partners. Prioritize your dignity, boundaries and emotional needs rather than winning approval through compliance.

– Use red flags in early interactions to identify toxic mating strategies

– Trust instincts if certain creatures seem amiss

– Refuse to excuse bad behaviors or compromise boundaries

The hazardous jungle still holds much beauty for the wise. Seek companions who nurture your growth through patience and understanding, not control. Watch for those who:

– Communicate with respect, honesty and empathy

– Support your growth without conditions

– Share values around equality, consent and compassion

Stay alert, be selective and do not compromise your standards. Then you can discover bonds of profound trust and fulfillment on your journey. The jungle offers abundant wonders to those who see through its tricks.


Our trek through the dating jungle has illuminated hazardous creatures best avoided by the wise. The deceptive dominus, arroganticus alpha and toxicus incelibus all employ cunning tricks to trap the unwary in painful bonds.

By studying their distinctive calls, markings and manipulative mating rituals we can evade entanglement. Follow those instincts that have evolved to detect deceitful partners unsuited for healthy long-term bonds.

Prioritize your needs and refuse to compromise core values or boundaries. Seek instead companions who nurture growth through mutual understanding and respect. Remain vigilant, but also keep an open heart. For the jungle still holds abundant beauty and wonders for those who tread with care.

We all deserve fulfillment with partners that bring out our best selves. Now go forth beyond treacherous snares to find the connections you seek. And may you discover that the jagged parts of the jungle ultimately make reaching life’s most precious peaks together even sweeter.

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